How to file a complaint?

What is our Ethics Line?

  • The Ethics Line is a management system provided by a 3rd party: EthicsGlobal, which specializes in complaints management in an easy, safe, and confidential way; this guarantees that all complaints are followed up and tracked accordingly.

Who to contact?

  • Your Direct Supervisor
  • Any member of the Management Team
  • Human Resources Department
  • Ethics Committee
  • McKinley Ethics Line

Contact Information

  • Through our toll-free number 855 2451 355
  • Whatsapp: (52) (155) 6538 5504
  • By online assistance
  • By email:
  • By EthicsGlobal Mobile App

How does it work?

Toll-free number 855 2451 355

  • The complainant calls our toll free number and connects with an advisor who will listen while making a series of relevant questions
  • The complainant should have all the information concerning the case and any proof material you may have while answering the following questions: Who? What? When? Where? How?
  • Once you have filed a complaint, you will receive a complaint number to follow up on your report.

Online assistance

  • The complainant enters the site and fills out a questionnaire.

  • Or selects the live web chat and follows the steps.

  • In both cases, the platform will lead you step by step when filing a complaint.

  • The complainant should have all the information related to the case while answering the following questions: Who? When? Where? How?

  • The system provides a report number to track the status of the report.


By providing the report number, you can:

  • Add additional information.

  • Attach new evidence or proof.

  • Track the status of the investigation.

  • Know about the conclusion and corrective measures.

  • Inform any relapses on the allegation / complaint.

Questions and Solutions

Will there be any retaliation for making an allegation?

The Ethics Line guarantees anonymity to the complainant when making an allegation through any means available. Fear is understandable, especially when the situation being alleged becomes even more severe and closer in proximity. But the purpose of our interference is to guarantee the complainant that there is nothing to fear and that they will not be forced to give us any information they do not desire to offer.

How can I track a report I have filed?

When you make a report, you will receive a tracking code. You will need this information to follow the status, receive an answer to your question or verify the conclusion. We ask you to wait at least 5 or 6 labor days to follow up. Get in contact again with the hotline support to:

  • Verify if additional information is needed

  • Provide new information related to your complaint.

  • Review updates or resolutions.

  • Know the corrective measures when the investigation is completed.

After making a complaint, will I be informed of its resolution?

The company will only indicate the status of the investigation to the complainant. The content and result of the investigation are confidential, so under those terms, the company reserves the right to provide or not provide the outcome to the complainants.

What kind of information is required to use the Ethics Line?

The Ethics Line can be used to submit an allegation or to monitor a previous complaint. When you submit a complaint, you will be asked to facilitate information regarding the incident in the most detailed manner.

To perform a better investigation, it is of utmost importance you to:

  • Provide complete names and job positions of those involved

  • Give out the names of those who know of the incident (Witnesses)

  • Describe the place and time of the incident

  • If possible, get a hand of elements that might serve as evidence

  • Write a brief essay explaining how the incidents occurred in detail

How much time will it take to solve a complaint?

EthicsGlobal sends the information to the Ethics Committee or the corresponding Ethics Officer within 24 hours after the complaint is submitted. The company will be the one to determine the time needed for investigation purposes and resolution.

When should I use the Ethics Line?

When you know, when informed, or when you are involved in a situation that does not conflict with the company's Code of Ethics. In addition, when there are concerns and ethical or fulfillment issues, you'd prefer a third party to take over and manage instead of treating the situation directly or with another coworker. The decision is entirely voluntary when using the Ethics Line.

What happens if I want to provide more information after the complaint is submitted?

At any given moment, a complainant can access the report line to provide new information or inform of any recidivism, for that matter. With the tracking code in hand, the newly gathered data could be incorporated into an ongoing investigation at any given time.

Why file a complaint?

Internal crimes or offenses can gravely affect the company's heritage and harm the employees sooner or later. For example, a single fraud might cause casualties that force the company to reduce its number of employees, salaries, or other benefits. In most severe cases, these types of crimes have led entire companies into bankruptcy.

Helping to avoid non ethical behaviors is to protect the security of your and your colleagues' jobs.

It also improves working environments while reporting behaviors of those who intrude against the integrity and well being of all organization members.

What benefits does the Ethics Line provide?

The Ethics Line develops and strengthens an ethical culture, improves the work environment, and encourages the use of irregular conduct reports through safe, reliable, objective, and independent means, with the main objective of providing a professional and quality service for users of the hotline.

What actions can be reported?

  • Disclosing or Withdrawing Confidential Information
  • Misappropriation
  • Unjust Treatment
  • Theft
  • Other matters affecting the Company's Operations
  • Abuse or Misuse of Authority
  • Discrimination or Harassment
  • Extortion
  • Moral Misconduct or Inappropriate Behavior
  • Defamation
  • Improper Hiring or Remuneration
  • Sabotage or Vandalism
  • Breach or violation of policies
  • Violence
  • Substance Use or abuse
  • Violation of Safety Standards
  • Other matters affecting Safety and Health
  • Distorting Accounting Records
  • Fictitious Operations
  • Unfulfilled Disclosures
  • Disposal of Confidential or Privileged Information for personal benefit
  • Other matters affecting the Company's Information and Assets
  • Bribery